How to get a job as a developer if you don't have a computer science background

How to get a job as a developer if you don't have a computer science background


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Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹, I am again here with the most requested topic How to get a job as a developer if you don't have a CS background. So, I think I can write to help some readers so, they can start their career as the developer. I will be explaining the ways through which you can enter into the development field.

According to my previous experiences, We need to understand what is software development because development is not just software development it has so many categorizations and roles. And the most important part is we need to understand our interests because what you want to do should come from your heart โค๏ธ. So, without wasting your time I'll start with the main part of the blogs.

Do you know the types of roles in software development?

In the software development industry, there are many development teams with different roles like

  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • FullStack Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • DevOps Engineer

And so many other roles are also there but the above-listed roles are the most popular choices.

What does Backend Developer do? It should be your first question. So, what you see as the software, the website is not the creation of the backend developer but the data maintenance logic, security, data storage logic, logic creation for the frontend representation of data is the main work of backend developer. So, backend developer chooses their role with some specific languages like Python, NodeJS, C++, C#, Java, and many more.

So, now the question is what we see as software or website as representational part created by whom? So, as the role name Frontend Developer do this part of software and website. They write the code which converts into some representational part as frontend. And the basic language used by this role is HTML, CSS, Javascript and so many frameworks like Angular, ReactJs, VueJs.

Now, the FullStack Developer as the name suggests they do frontend, backend, and deployment all these things. These roles are generally provided in small and medium scale companies because they want people who can take responsibility for entire software or website development. And we know every small and medium scale firm needs to cut down their extra cost in development without compromising with the skills.

Let's understand the Data Analyst role, their job is to analyze the data and create the insights and previous trends of data. They help the user of the software to understand their data by graphs, trends, insights. And they also help the organization/big firm/companies to understand their market, profit, loss, customer mindset, customer type, inventory analysis, finance record, employee performance analysis and so many. And the language choice for analyzing the data are python, R,, and tools like Power BI, Tableau, etc

Now we are on track to understanding another role which is Data Scientist. They do analysis the same as Data Analysts but they also do prediction by understanding previous trends. And here comes machine learning, Artificial Intelligence because they need to create new machine learning models and training them on the data so, the model can predict the future trends. So, face recognition, autopilot in cars are some of the examples of DataScientist's works.

Let's understand one more trending role in software development which is DevOps Engineer. Some people think they are not developers but I think in my opinion they also take an important and major role in software development. When you will be developing some piece of code then you will understand that code requires some particular environment to run. And the setting up of the environment for the software execution is done by DevOps. They do CI-CD setup, setting up scalable environment or architecture of software or website. And they also code and uses docker, Kubernetes, bash script, python. And they always need to be updated with the new tools setup, flow setup.

So, now we are good with the understanding of some popular roles in a software company. So, now the point is what a non computer science background people can do to become developers.


Things to do if you don't have a Computer Science background

  • First, you need to find the interest from any of the above roles. So, you can focus on a specific role.
  • Start learning from today without postponing. You can choose learning platforms like youtube, udemy, udacity, Pluralsight, tech blogs, and many more.
  • Just choose one learning platform and complete it.
  • If you aren't able to understand in starting then don't worry just repeat it and learn again till you understand basics.
  • Focus on Data Structure and Algorithm so, you can understand the best way to code.
  • Just do practice by coding on some coding platforms like hackerank, leetcode, etc. the purpose is to build the logic because developers need logic to develop something. And if you don't have logics you can't code.
  • Create small projects to understand your role and buildup confidence. Once you build your project you will find the confidence which helps you inside the interviews.
  • Focus on basics because the interviewer wants to select those candidates who can think, implement, explain and suggest.
  • Start applying to companies by LinkedIn, company career page, and famous job portals.
  • If you are done with the above steps then just start giving interviews because the interview will give you the questions which help you in your further interviews. Don't get upset when you get rejected because everyone faces rejections in the starting.

If you will follow all the above steps then I assure you that you will easily get a developer job.

The secret chant to get a job is to always be motivated, gain knowledge, face the world. You will fall to stand up more powerful than before.

For all of the readers who want to become developer from the bottom of the heart. Best of luck ๐Ÿ‘ for your upcoming future.